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Search engines prove those frozen lake scenes in EastEnders really were rubbish

Visitors to my blog have surfed in after making the following two searches: ‘EastEnders frozen lake rubbish’ (nail on the head) and ‘Black Women chocolate analogies’ (I’m not going there).

I, for my part, am going out. How long can I sit on one Diet Coke without anyone noticing, do you think?


Celebrity Big Brother lookalike, Batman Dark Knight soundalike

Two thoughts strike me after watching The Dark Knight on DVD and Celebrity Big Brother on C4 yesterday.

1) The Dark Knight, aka Christian Bale, uses a voice changer so that no one knows he is actually Bruce Wayne. I’m not sure if ‘Whispering’  Suzy Branning on EastEnders has one too, but it sounds like she and Batman were separated at birth.

2) Another Christian (name, not denomination, not that I’m judging or anything), this time Terry Christian on Celebrity Big Brother, bears a startling resemblance to Kevin Eldon, a comedian who was in Nighty Night and Big Train. The resemblance is purely physical: I can watch Kevin Eldon and be entertained, for example.

On The Dark Knight: I didn’t really get it. And I stopped trying to after that bit where they’re chasing around in trucks which I assumed, wrongly, was the film’s high-octane finale. If only. Heath Ledger was good, although I’ve personally paid for far more chilling children’s entertainers to perform at my offspring’s parties and THEY could make balloon animals.

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