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I’ve inhaled too many paint fumes. Nip nip la la, oh look! A flying onion.

I’ve been painting a room and have inhaled far too many fumes for my own good. Everything is swimming (apart from, ironically, two of my fish, which appear to have disappeared without a trace. Into the third, tiny, fish? If so, how did he manage it so fast? And Bruce, can I make the fish into death diamonds if I perform a swift operation on fish three?).

It will be to Becky‘s intense displeasure that I once again resort to the blog failsafe of search engine terms which have driven perverts, terminal procrastinators and idiots to my corner of cyberspace. These are the people that aren’t you. Unless you’ve arrived here because you’re looking for “granny vaginas”, in which case I’d like to make it clear that I welcome perverts with my famous open door policy (and that’s not a metaphor, if you’re reading and you’re a literary pervert).

So, while I try and wean myself off paint-sniffing (Dulux brilliant white – the hard stuff) and wonder about the logistics of dipping my head in white spirit to get the ‘skunk’ stripes to disappear, I leave you with some of today’s gems. All I can say is that there a lot of people who seem unable to make the simplest of decisions without first consulting Google – at least I think there are. I’ll just Google it.

is it that bad if you skive p.e?

doing it porn with vegetables

granny vaginas or not

pretty pink ice barbie whore

vomen in black panites (my favourite by a country mile)

hot woman strangles man with legs

posh family portrait one kid girl snooty

excuses to skive school half day

I used the excuse about being too good looking to spend the entire day at school last time. Can it work a second time?

I used the excuse about being too good looking to spend the entire day at school last time. Can I dare to assume it will work a second time?

do women like small

one pot stew cheap

dirty lady nasty

There were some others, but they weren’t funny. I can’t dither any longer – the vomen in black panites is off to get the white out of her hair/clothes/eyes/soul.

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