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You do the shake and vac and keep the corpse intact…

A Norwich man accused of murdering his girlfriend and then living with the corpse for six days is said to have used Shake and Vac to cover up the smell of her decaying body.

Claire Roberts died after being strangled for up to five minutes, a court in Cambridge has heard. Paul Hubbard, 39, denies killing the 28-year-old at the flat the couple shared.

When police eventually discovered the body, it was covered in a light dusting of Shake and Vac.

I feel very sorry for Ms Roberts, who met an untimely end at the hands of a lunatic, but I have to say that Shake and Vac comes out of this looking very good. I used S&V when I was a cleaner and was instructed to by my employer, and frankly I’d say it was a toss-up which smells worse, a decaying corpse or the product itself. That said, companies are always looking for a new demographic to sell to, and I think this court case could offer the makers of S&V a whole untapped target market: psychopaths.


Search engines prove those frozen lake scenes in EastEnders really were rubbish

Visitors to my blog have surfed in after making the following two searches: ‘EastEnders frozen lake rubbish’ (nail on the head) and ‘Black Women chocolate analogies’ (I’m not going there).

I, for my part, am going out. How long can I sit on one Diet Coke without anyone noticing, do you think?

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